21K Reseller Hosting

21K's privately branded Reseller Hosting service is ideal for web designers and entrepreneurs looking to offer their own web hosting service or for anyone who simply has greater needs than can be met by our Business hosting plans. 21K's flagship Reseller Hosting service provides a true 'data center in a box' solution with the option to 'Host Unlimited Domains' while leveraging our expertise and revolutionary infrastructure. We also offer FREE domain registration or transfer with any of our reseller hosting plans!
Not sure which Hosting Plan is best for you?  Place your mouse over each to find out how much bandwidth and storage each account would use. Or contact one of our support specials via the Online Support above.

Plan Feature

Reseller Hosting Plan 1 Reseller Hosting Plan 2 Reseller Hosting Plan 3
Disk Space / Storage 5 GB (5000 Meg)
10 GB (10000 Meg)
15 GB (15000 Meg)
Bandwidth / Data Transfer 150 GB (150000 Meg)
200 GB (200000 Meg)
250 GB (250000 Meg)
FREE Domain 1 1 1 (free lifetime domain renewal)
Accounts 10 15 Unlimited
Free Setup and Activation!
Additional Server Security
Content Deliver Network
3000MBPS Fiber Optic Uplink
Web Host Manager Plus (WHM)
99.9% Uptime
Server Location Dallas, TX, United States (Largest Data Center in the World)
Monthly Fee (USD) $25.95 $45.95 $69.95

order business plan 3 hosting package

order business plan 3 hosting package order business plan 3 hosting package

100% Satisfaction Hosting Guarantee

Risk Free Reseller Hosting

All of our Reseller Hosting Plans include a full money back guarantee and the following features are standard on all hosting plans.

Key Features

Dual Quad-Core Intel Xeon 5620 Processors

quad core server website hosting

Dual Quad-Core Intel Xeon 5620 Processors

Our servers are built to handle even the most demanding websites (usually using PHP: Joomla, WordPress...). PHP is a language that needs computing power. The more computing power the server has, the faster PHP will display your sites. Our servers have a LOT of computing power!

Cutting Edge Server Cloud

cloud website hosting

Cutting Edge Server Cloud

With the 21K Hosting server cloud, you can unleash awesome power to your site at a moments notice. Rather than relying on a single server to deliver your content, you have access to a 'cloud' of servers delivering multi-terrabyte RAM (memory), multi-terrabyte disk space (storage) and hundreds of processors ready to keep your site running like a Fighter Jet - This is the power of cloud computing.

PCI Compliant Hardened Severs including Virus and Exploit Protection

pci compliant web hosting

PCI Compliant Hardened Severs including Virus and Exploit Protection

Apart from our security and servers being PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliant, we take the security of every account very seriously. Rather than respond to security breaches, our servers use multiple live detection processes to ensure that any exploit attempt or virus is stopped before it has a chance of impacting your account or our servers.


3000Mbps Fiber Optic Uplinks

super fast hosting

3000Mbps Fibre Optic Uplinks

Most Web hosts use 100Mbps uplinks. 21K Hosting connects over 2000% faster through 3000Mbps uplinks. An uplink is a connection between our servers and the major Internet Backbones. You could imagine an uplink as a funnel to the internet. The bigger the funnel, the faster your site is delivered from our servers to the internet.


Content Delivery Network Layer

website content deliver layer

Content Delivery Network Layer

Standard Internet delivery sends site content over general Internet routes from the host server's location to the end-user's location. Our CDNLayer, however, moves the content of your site to a node that is geographically closer to the end-user. This avoids potential network congestion and decreases latency, increasing delivery speed and providing consistent, reliable and fast data transfer.

Live 24/7/365 Support

web hosting support

Live 24/7/365 Support

Our friendly technical support staff are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. More involved issues through support tickets are responded to within minutes, so no looong delays waiting for help.

Optional Multiple Domain Hosting

With the Business Hosting Plan 2 you can host up to 3 domains under the one hosting plan and with Plan 3 you can host up to 5 domains or websites.

Sub Domains

Create unlimited sub domains under each of your hosted domains. A sub domain looks like this sub.yourdomain.com

Park Domains

You can have unlimited parked domains which will allow you to have multiple domain names pointing to the same account and website.

CPanel (Control Panel)

Cpanel hosting control panel
CPanel allows you to take complete control over your hosting account. Including your entire website, domain management, email accounts, databases and 170+ free 'one click' website scripts. Example of these free scripts include; Joomla, Drupal, WordPress and many, many more. You can also manage your MySQL databases, password protect directories, scan for viruses all with out having to contact support.

Site Development


php 5

The latest version of PHP 5 with all the most popular modules is installed at Rochen. When PHP 6 is made stable by the PHP Group we will run this in a dual configuration with PHP 5. PHP scripts like Joomla, phpBB and WordPress will run right out the box on any of our servers without any configuration changes needing to be made.


perl scipts

You can run Perl Scripts under your hosting account.


python scripts

You can run Python scripts on your business hosting account

Custom Error Pages

custom 404 pages

Create you own custom pages for errors such as 404 (File Not Found), 403 (Forbidden Access) etc.

Apache Handlers

Setting custom handlers for Apache is permitted. For example, you can set a handler to phrase all hosted .html files to PHP.

Password Protected Directories

password protected directories
All of our hosting packages come with the password protection feature within your cPanel. This allows you to create password protected areas within your website.

For example, you could password protect yourdomain.com/members so that when this URL was entered into the user's web browser they would be asked to enter their credentials before the content was displayed. This feature is ideal for creating members-only areas on your hosted website.

.htacess Support

.htaccess hosting supportWe allow for .htacess files to be created under all hosting accounts letting you take advantage of Apache modules such as mod_rewrite.

Raw Log Acess

raw log accessYou may download the raw access or raw error logs from your hosting account for a details listing of what is happening on your website.

Website Stats

website hosting stats

View full graphical stats about the visitors to your 21K Hosted website to any of your hosted domains. Find out where they came from, what pages they viewed and more.